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October 28, 2013

October 87, 2013

Hey everybody! This week's been really fun! However, I'm shortening the length of my letters from now on so don't be alarmed, or too sad. It's just what needs to happen ;)

Monday: So today wasn't as crazy as we thought it would be luckily! We were expecting to have to go into Sapporo again so that D Choro could sign some stuff for the Honbu, and it was going to take a bunch of our time, but he was able to get out of going in! We did the usual morning stuff, and then emailed, and after email, we shopped for the week. Then we cleaned like crazy so we could make sure the apartment was spotless for the inspections. After cleaning we had dinner with a member, and they made us homemade Yakuniku and Genjis Khan, which were super good! So it was a fun day!

Tuesday: So today we had Zone Training Meeting instead of District Training Meeting and it was fun! We just had our district and the Zone Leaders, but D Choro did a workshop about where he related the gospel to a piece of cake and how we need to go about to share it. One of the bad examples was him shoving it into one of the Zone Leader's faces so that was pretty funny! The Zone Leaders also had a workshop where they talked a lot about How To Begin Teaching and it was super helpful. Instead of going to lunch with everyone today though, we had an appointment that went super well! They asked all of the right questions and were very interested so it was super cool!

Wednesday: So today we woke up early to go to this Non-Attending Member's house to do some service for her by bringing big boxes of juice into her house. Unfortunately, the truck bringing it wasn't planning on coming until 5:30 that night so we went back home, went to some appointments, Housed, and then went back. This time there was this massive truck filled with these 50 lb. boxes of juice. So we made an assembly line to go up 5 flights of stairs and we moved it all in less than 30 minutes! After we finished we were taken to dinner by another ward member, which was way good and fun!

Thursday: So today was DKK (Doryo Keikaku Kai – Companionship Planning meeting) which is always good. Also since transfers are this week, everyone's making guesses about what's going to happen so it's pretty fun! Other than that though it was a pretty typical day...

Friday: So today was sweet. I went on splits with S Choro and we had a great time! We did a bunch of housing, visited a member, tried to do some shizen dendo, and visited a NA as well! We also got a perfect score on our cleaning check so we were all pretty happy about that! I also broke down and got a new rainsuit since it was raining pretty hard, and it was supposed to rain a bunch in the coming days.

Saturday: So today was my 100th day! I can't believe how fast it's all going and the other missionaries are telling me that it speeds up too! Anyway, so after our morning schedule we took some stuff to the Sister's apartment that needed to be taken there, and then went to the weekly ping pong activity hoping some of our investigators would be there. Sadly none of them showed up, but the other Elders' investigator did show up, so we all had a fun time doing that. Then we prepped big time for the ward/Eikaiwa Halloween party. We actually had a super fun time! We played games like bobbing for apples, mummy races, and the balloon tag popping game thing... We also had costumes... I wore this Pikachu suit that we found in our apartment, but sadly I forgot my camera and don't have a picture... ;)

Sunday: So today was good! Church went well, and lunch was good... I had a ton of Somen noodles and they're way good. Then we went housing and got a bunch of contacts and we got super wet cause it was raining pretty hard. So yes, I was very glad to have that new rainsuit. ;) We then went to dinner at the Bishop's house which was super good curry! And then once dinner was done, instead of doing a spiritual message, we all bore our testimonies. They were only one minute testimonies, but it was very spiritual, and I absolutely loved it! We then showed their family our family pictures, and then headed home!

But ya it was a super fun week, and I had a good time! I hope everything's going well for everyone back home, I pray for all of you everyday, and I hope you've been getting the pictures I started to send home! Love you lots!

Elder Bickel

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