Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hey everybody! I hope your week went well! Mine was a little crazy!

So this week we had transfers and I didn't really think I'd transfer cause I was only in Shibetsu for one, but then I got my call to go to Hakodate with K Choro. K Choro is a highly muscled Australian Elder who is 18 and came out about 6 months ago! He has a super good Tenor voice and could win American Idol. But we're having a lot of fun and are excited to work this transfer.

But a little rundown of the week, since I didn't have time to make a recording this morning since we're on so early.

Monday: Today we went to Hillside Box for dinner to meet with an investigator(the owner) and an NA who is her friend. So that was really fun to talk to them and we had some good food for dinner!

Tuesday: Today's when we got Transfer calls and it was surprising but I'm super excited to be working here in Hakodate. Tonight we also got to visit a member and I got to say goodbye which was nice! They are such a cute family and the Dad is a recent convert, and they have two cute boys!

Wednesday: Well today I did some packing and we traveled to Asahikawa to go to the Suehiro apartment so we could travel to the Transfer spot tomorrow. We had a fun night talking since it is going to be the last time the 4 of us were together.

Thursday: Well we took the 3 hour bus ride to Sapporo and met everyone at the transfer spot which was fun! I saw a bunch of friends and it turns out that W Choro is Recorder! I was surprised, but I'm sure he'll do amazing! Then we went to lunch with this member who wanted to introduce us to her friend, and it was fun, but it took a long time so then we had to take a later train. When we did that, we ended up getting home at about 9 since it's about a 3 hour train ride to get to Hakodate which is a beach town/city and is a super touristy place so that's kinda fun! 

Friday: Today we had DKK where I heard all about the investigators we have and we figured out how we wanted to work this transfer! Then we had Eikaiwa which went well, and there are a ton of fun students here! 

Saturday: Today we went and visited a potential investigator who said he'd met missionaries like 20 years ago and he enjoyed talking with us for quite a while! We also had Ping Pong! It's been forever since I've played Ping pong, but they do it every week on Saturdays so I got to come to that which was fun! We also got to teach our investigator a lesson afterwards! He loves Star Wars so that's kinda funny. :)

Sunday: Today was church, and the members here are super nice! They also are super helpful with Dendo so I'm excited to work together with them to see some miracles! Then we had a Team up lesson with a member and investigator which went well. After that we went home teaching with a member, but sadly the people we were visiting weren't home. We also got to go to a Fireworks show with an investigator and we met another NA there who is super cool! So that was fun! 

But Ya! Crazy busy week right? But it's been super fun! I love you all, you're in my prayers!
Love you!

Elder Bickel

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