Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hey everybody! So I didn't have time to record a message this morning so it's going to be an email one today! But I hope all of your weeks were great and since mine was pretty interesting this week, it'll hopefully be a good email! ;)

So Monday: Today we went to Seminary at 6 at the church! There's only one young man who goes, so we try to go on P-days to help out and support that whole thing. Then we ran to the beach again which was way fun! After we showered and got ready for the day, we went to email which was good, and then shopping. We didn't really have a ton of super cool stuff happen, but it wasn't too bad! ;)

Tuesday: Today was the First DTM (District Training Meeting) of the transfer and we had a ton of fun! Here in Hakodate a bunch of the members come to DTM to help out so that is way cool! Then we went to a place called Lucky Pierro(clown) for lunch which is very well known among missionaries so that was fun! We then met with a few investigators so that was good as well! They are pretty cool people so it's fun to teach them and get to know them better.

Wednesday: Today was a day where we focused on some NA's. We started with this NA who hasn't been to church for a long time, but she can't hear very well, and does sign language which is interesting. But we talked with her for a while and invited her to some church activities. Then we had a Mogi lesson(practice) with another NA who is usually super busy with work, but Wednesday is his day off so we were able to meet with him. He's 22 and is way cool so we're hoping he can start coming back to church! Then we went to a member's house to teach a recent convert his AB(after baptism) lessons which went well! He's pretty old, but he understood it all and showed that he really is learning a lot from the church. He also studies Hebrew so that's pretty interesting!

Thursday: Today we had DKK (companion planning meeting) which went well and we got a ton figured out. Then we went to play basketball with some investigators and the other missionaries, and wouldn't you know, I fractured my pinky before we even started it. But, I thought it was just a jammed finger so we played anyway. But it turned out really fun, and it was nice to get to play basketball again. Then we went to the church for the YSA Family Home Evening at the church which was fun! 

Friday: So today we had some good lessons with Investigators so that was great! We started off with going with a member to an investigator who we think is interested, but not super focused... ;) but that was interesting, and then we ran to another investigator who is a really funny guy! He loves English and is super nice to us by buying us a bunch of food, and giving us drinks and stuff to take home as well. Then we went to Eikaiwa which went well! Eikaiwa is always fun, so we had that, and then talked to people, and since I still thought it was just a jammed finger, I asked a few members who came whether I should go to the hospital or not, and they said I should just in case, so I decided to go tomorrow!

Saturday: Today I went to the hospital to get my finger and back checked out. They said my back was just tired, but no major problems so that was good. They also took x-rays of my finger and found that a small piece of bone had fractured off of my little finger on my right hand. So they gave me some medicine and a splint to get it healed up. Then we went and housed for a little while, and then we had a lesson with JJ san who has a smoking problem, but we were able to make a ton of progress with him so that was great! Then we had Ping-Pong for about 30 minutes, but I couldn't play cause of my finger, and then we had to run to go to a member's friend's house to try to get permission to continue the lessons, which we got, which was good.

Sunday: Today was church and I had to answer about my pinky a ton of times, but I appreciated the care everyone showed me. But church was good and I learned a bunch. Fast Sundays always just seem so great! Then We went to go say sorry to a member cause of a little misunderstanding that happened about us visiting and she forgave us and everything worked out just fine. Then we went to visit a few different investigators and an NA who is fluent in English and it all just turned out to be a good Sunday!

So that was the week.  It had a few great things.  The pinky wasn't the most fun thing, but they said that it was in a good position and should heal quick and so I'm praying for that. But I love you all, hope you have a great week, and I'll talk to you soon!

Elder Bickel

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