Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 27, 2015

Well this week was super crazy! But it was great!

Monday we had a Zone Activity! We basically told everyone to get a
bunch of pictures like a scavenger hunt, and then they brought them
all to the church, and we chose the winners and then we played Jinroh!
It was way fun!

Tuesday we had Eikaiwa and it was really fun! We played a fun game and
just had fun with everyone!

Wednesday we had interviews with Nakatsuka Kaicho and it was cool!
He told me a lot of ways I could become a better missionary, so I'm
excited to try them out. We also had to meet the Higashi Elders so we
could go on splits the next day!

Thursday we were able to go on Splits and I went with Elder H who
is in my Doki(came at the same time), and we had a way good time. We
were able to teach a lesson to this super nice lady who understood it
all and asked really good questions! Then we had Eikaiwa(again) and that
was fun! Eikaiwa is fun, but exhausting!

Friday we got back from Splits, and then we did our weekly planning.
So then we went to an investigator who is a dentist. When I went he
took an X-ray and said I had a big cavity in two teeth. So he said
he'd take care of them, but I didn't want a shot, so I just had him do
it with no pain killers. There were a few times it hurt, but it wasn't
too bad! So it was kinda a crazy day...

Saturday we had the Atsubetsu Music Night which was fun! We got to
see a bunch of people and have a good time.

Sunday we got a referral who came to church with her member friend!
She is way cool and has interest in the Gospel so it'll be way fun to
teach her! Then we went to the dentist investigator's house and his
whole family was over and we talked with them for a while, and then we
taught them a lesson and headed out! It was a great day!

But that was the week! I love you all tons! Talk to you soon!

Elder Bickel

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