Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014

So this week we had a few disappointments with investigators. One is deciding between staying Buddhist or becoming a member and apparently it's about half and half right now... Also his wife won't give him permission to be baptized which is a problem... But he's still progressing and does want to become a member so I'm excited to see that full change take place in him and his family.
On the good side, we found this lady yesterday who loves english and america and Christ! She told us that quite a few times and ended up saying that she's coming to Church on Sunday when she had been planning to be baptized in another church that day... The Lord is absolutely amazing! We talked to her for a while and she said that she would love to hear our message and learn more english. She's definitely one of those prepared people for us to teach!
We've been eating a lot of meat lately... Probably not good, but we had a All you can eat Yakiniku, so like beef and meat just cooked in front of you, as well as we had those nasty hamburgers with 5 patties and 5 pieces of cheese on them. I thought it'd be better the second time... Ya it wasn't. But I guess it is a good object lesson I can use about sin. It is terrible the first time, but you didn't know so you can just stop doing it. The second time though you just feel stupid for trying it again...
Ok maybe the Object lesson needs some work, but I'm making this stuff up on the spot... ;)
So funny thing of the week... So it started last week but happened again this week so I figured I had to tell Dad! So we were walking in this part of our area and these high school kids walked by and said I looked like Tom Cruise. At the time I thought, oh ya right. That's just once. But then it happened again this week, so I figured if Dad's Johnny Depp, I'd gladly take Tom Cruise and I might as well let him know what a stylish, cool looking son he's got serving a mission in Japan... ;) haha sorry Dad, tough luck... ;)
Love you all lots! Hope the week's going well, and I'll send the two week's recordings next week!

Elder Bickel

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