Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hey sorry, I've got like 20 maybe 30 minutes total today cause I've been at the Honbu practicing music for the music fireside.  

So Monday: Today we went to Asahikawa for our ZTM the next morning. We partied there for the night with a few other elders and got to catch up on what's been going on and it was great.

Tuesday: ZTM was great, it was all on planning and being more effective with it. I also got to sleep on the bus ride back so it was great to get a nap.

Wednesday: Today I had Splits with H Choro again and it was super fun! We had a great time and found some really cool people!

Thursday: Today we got to shovel snow off of a member's roof! It was actually really fun and I got to be on the roof and throw snow off so it was pretty cool!

Friday:Today we went and visited an Investigator, as well as we got to go to a member's house and have Genjis Kan again and it was great!

Saturday: Today we had a Mochi Suki which is basically where you make Mochi(rice cakes). It was super super fun and I had a ton of rice. I actually probably had about 11 cups of rice total so it probably wasn't healthy, but I still feel fine so I'm sure it'll be fine!

Sunday: Today we had Ward Mission Council, as well as had two Member Team Up lessons which was good! 

Fun week, again sorry I've only got like 30 minutes, so I'll try to talk more next week!
Love you lots!

Elder Bickel

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