Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey everybody, I've got a little more time this week!  So here's how the week went!

Monday:  So today like I said was Music practice, which meant basically that we had no P-day... I did go on splits with K Choro so we could make it to practice on time, and it was pretty fun! I did feel bad for the tiny email though.

Tuesday: So today we had a great DTM (District Training Meeting) on finding people's needs when contacting and then teaching to it. It went very well and then the ZL's ran off to go to Wakkanai for splits. So for DTM lunch, we and the other elders ran off to a college in Bun Kyodai for one of our appointments. The appointment didn't show up but we had lunch in the cafeteria anyway and it made me pretty excited for college, but it can definitely wait until after my mission! I also learned a great lesson today. If you or your companion, or even friend, are having a hard time, do something to show them that you want to work on the relationship and do something to make them laugh. Things'll go better and you'll both be happier.

Wednesday: Today we made a Baptism date with one of our investigators which was super exciting!  My first companion and I found her housing.  She is about 40, has 3 kids, but her husband died last year.  We also had a lesson for the Free Family English Program thing, which went really well! We ended the lesson by giving them each a Book of Mormon and they said they'd try to read it. Fun day!

Thursday: Today we had DKK (companionship meeting), a few appointments that went well, and also found a few cool people. We also went to Heart Attack a member, but he actually pulled up in his car as we were on his street traveling to his house. Kinda awkward... But then we talked to him for a while, and then once he thought we had left, we did the Heart Attack anyway!

Friday: Today I had kind of a rough time. I did make a lot of progress though with quite a few things. Just goes to show you that when there is the most resistance, you grow the most! Also today was the mark of my first 6 months on a mission! I can't believe how fast time has flown! It's just flying by, and I've heard it goes even faster… 

Saturday: So today we went to Ping-Pong with an investigator which was pretty fun! Then we went to an appointment with a member! The investigator has graduated college studying about religions so it's a little difficult sometimes, but it went well! Then we went to a member's house to say Happy Birthday. The Birthday person wasn't there, but we talked to the dad for a while and it was really good!

Sunday: So today went pretty well! I wrote the Progress Record about our investigators, which is all in Japanese so it was kinda cool to see I could do that. Then we went to church and I was super tired! I almost fell asleep way too many times!  Then we went to the apartment, I studied the songs I need to memorize, and then we went to Dendo! We found a really cool kid while streeting home.  I taught the lesson by myself and got his number and it was way cool! Then we went Home Teaching with a member which was pretty fun! Great day!

Sakamura Choro actually gave himself a haircut with a haircutter that one of the members gave him, and it ended up with him getting a buzz, and then President Evans came to church on Sunday... By the way, if you didn't know, buzz cuts are not allowed for missionaries so it ended up being pretty entertaining, but don't worry he's fine now! ;)

That was the week for me! I hope everyone's doing well, and that you're all loving life! 

Elder Bickel

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