Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey everybody! I hope everything's going super well! Here's how my week went!
Monday: So D Choro's bike is still flat so we tried to just find a pump and see if that would work. Sadly, we couldn't find one that was worth getting so we decided to take a train to email instead of walking. After email we met with this lady we know and had lunch at this really cheap but good pizza and pasta place. After lunch we went to Village Vanguard which is like a mix between Hot Topic and Spencer's so it's got some really cool stuff, but it's all pretty expensive... Then we ran/walked back to quickly grocery shop and dendo but that was about it for the day.
Tuesday: So today was good! We had DTM again where we had a workshop on Companionship Unity and how to use it in our contacts. It was super funny and hard the first few times cause D Choro would have us switch off talking, sometimes in the middle of a sentence. But then he had us do it again, but just try to make it more smooth and normal, and it was really good! We taught basically all of lesson one within like 5 minutes and it was engaging and it was really cool so we are going to try to use that a lot more.
Wednesday: So today we had splits again and I went with K Choro again. We had another really fun time. At one point we found these two Gaijin's (foreigners) on the street so we stopped to talk to them for a bit, and we found out that one was from Portland Oregon, and the other was from Lithuania! What a pair right? :) but that was cool. Then we went housing, visited non-attending members, went to a few appointments and just had a fun time!
Thursday: Today was kinda a weird day... We had DKK like normal, but the rest of the day we were just in these really weird moods so it was a bit strange, but it was good. So nothing much else happened today so that's the day's summary.. ;)
Friday: Today was super cold, but we didn't know it when we got ready for the day, so we were a bit cold... It also rained/hailed/sleeted so that got us wet too so it was a bit of a crazy cold day, but we made sure that we did all we could to stay warm and healthy so don't worry! ;)
Saturday: Today was actually a pretty rough day... I was really feeling like I was an ineffective missionary and that we should have more people to teach and people who wanted to recieve baptism, and just basically that I should be a better missionary in general, so I was having a really rough time. I actually even went to bed feeling like that so it wasn't looking too good, but I had a really good dream that I don't actually remember, but I felt a lot better afterwards.
Sunday: Good news! Today was a ton better! So today it was raining really hard again, but we made it to the church ok! I stayed fully awake and aware through all of church so I was pretty proud of myself for that, and then we had some really good Taco Rice (basically taco stuff on top of rice) for lunch so that was great! Then we went housing for a while, during which we tried to figure out what we were going to do for F Shimai's birthday on Tuesday. After housing we went to a member's house for dinner which was some really good Tenpura and we just had a bunch of fun!
So ya that was my week! It had some ups and downs again, but if every day was super happy and fun, then I wouldn't enjoy them as much. Again, I hope things are well back home and that everyone's having some good times! Love you lots and I'm praying for you!
Elder Bickel

PS. Just a fun little fact, I decided what meal I want when I first get home. I want a Papa Murphy's Chicago Style Pizza cause Japanese Pizza is expensive, small, and not nearly as good as American! Enjoy Pizza while you can! ;)

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