Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18, 2013

Hey everybody! This week's been very good! And I hope that your's has been too! Here's what went down.

Monday: So today we had an appointment with our strongest investigator during the day so we left our P-day activities and walked the hour to her house, met up with our member Team-up on the way, and then taught the lesson. Afterwards it was snowing pretty hard, so when we went to email we took a train! Then we continued with our regular P-day activities but it felt really weird cause usually we do our dendo that night!

Tuesday: Today was DTM but also F Shimai's birthday, so D Choro and I sang her a song and danced. We sang her our version of "Drive By" by Train and did some actions that we made up and it turned out super funny/fun. It was a little off key, and a little strange but it worked out pretty well! Afterwards we all had a snowball fight in the church parking lot because there was a little snow and so that was a bunch of fun as well!

Wednesday: Today I had splits with B Choro and we had a really good time. We mostly did housing, but one funny thing that happened was when our trainers left to dendo they took both apartment keys and both phones, which have maps on them so that's how we get around, so we were a little lost on what to do, but I decided that we'd stop by one spot to see if they were there. Turns out I was right and they totally were there, so we grabbed what we needed and did what we planned to do the rest of the time. :)

Thursday: Today was pretty usual. Did Housing, DKK, and Study, but not much else happened that is interesting enough to report on. ;)

Friday: WE HAD AN EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!! It was a pretty small one and the only reason why we noticed it is cause we were in the middle of Language Study and our desks moved a bit, but I can now say that I've survived an earthquake which I think is pretty cool... ;) But it was a pretty good day, we had a great appointment that went well, and we did a bunch more finding, and then the Zone Leaders H Choro and K Choro came for splits with the other two elders tomorrow.

Saturday: Today we had Ping-Pong again, housed a bunch, and did the usual stuff. The snow was gone today and yesterday though so I figured it was warm enough to just wear a thin light jacket for dendo... Well I was fine for the most part, but once it got dark... Well I'll just say I was a little chilly... ;) haha but it was a good day!

Sunday: So today we had church, but afterwards we were asked to go to this Single Adults activity for a while so that was kinda fun, but seemed weird since we're on missions... ;) We also had a Mogi with one of the members and it went really well. After lunch and everything, basically all of our time was spent getting to Atsubetsu for my first Messiah practice. The music for it is super cool, and I really enjoyed it and think it'll be very cool, but it's super hard and high. And well... I have a low voice that doesn't go high very easily, plus I haven't sung forever, so it was a little bit on the difficult side... But it was super cool, and I think it'll be good. After that was over we quickly went back home to make sure we were back in time, and just finished out the day from there.

Last Little Note: So my knee has been hurting pretty badly lately, so I'd really appreciate a few extra prayers if possible. I'm still able to walk and go dendo, but it's definitely an inconvenience and isn't the most comfortable or painless thing... So I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

But ya, I've had a fun week, and I hope everyone else did too! Love you all so much!

Bickel Choro

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