Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 4, 2013

Hey everybody! I hope everyone's week went super well! Here's how mine went:

Monday: Today was a really, really nice day. It wasn't raining, it was a little chilly, but it wasn't too bad! We did the usual stuff, but had extra free time, so we took naps! I haven't had a nap in so long so it was really nice to catch up on my sleep a little! Then we got ready so that we could go to dinner with a member again(2nd time)! The food was delicious again, and our district is really close now so it was really fun since it was Tsuchida Shimai's last time before she went home. I got complimented on my chopstick skills again which is actually a pretty frequent thing... Also I was told that I am Mickey Mouse? Oh and that I should come back to Japan and be a comedian and just say 'Kirin Desu' cause apparently it's hilarious when I use my low voice...

Tuesday: So today we got our Transfer calls... I'm staying in Ebetsu! I'm pretty happy about that, and I'm still with Elder D which will be fun! S Choro is transferring though so it'll be weird without him... Everyone else in our district is staying too though except for T Shimai since she's going home so it'll be really fun. Oh and K Choro is going to be training so that'll be cool. But ya that was the exciting stuff for the day...

Wednesday: Today was a good day. I studied two talks that D Choro let me borrow and learned a bunch in comp study. Sadly we had 3 appointments that fell through, but to make up for it, we treated ourselves to ice cream for dinner! Other than that though today was pretty average as well. I'm just glad that my average day is a good day... ;)

Thursday: Today we got to meet K Choro's new companion, Elder B. He's a pretty cool guy and I'm excited to get to know him. Today was pretty normal again, but while we were housing we made sure to have a fun time. :) Also it's kinda funny, but sometimes I feel like I'm living "The Best Two Years". There are definitely differences, but it's funny how close it is sometimes.

Friday: So today we went off of our apartment's map to a portion of our area that we didn't actually know what was out there. Funny enough, there really wasn't much out there other than factories so we came back onto our map and found this really nice area that we started to work on. So far we've only done a block, but we've gotten some good appointments so it's exciting! Also, just a little spiritual thought: Christ went through all of our trials, plus more. And if he did that, with an amazing attitude of love and forgiveness, we can go through our smaller portion of trials with attitudes that emulate Christ. It's a comforting thought...

Saturday: Today was very enjoyable. We had Ping-Pong again hoping that one of our investigators would show up, but he didn't, but we still were able to talk to the other Elders' investigator though so it was fun. After that we went and talked to this former investigator who is super nice, and we talked about a bunch of funny American things that the Japanese haven't even thought of cause they're so crazy. Like Paintballing, Potato Cannons, and stuff like that. And we asked if she would come to a few activities with us so we're hoping that'll work out.

Sunday: So today was a very good Fast Sunday, but there were a few hiccups. One of those was that D Choro's back tire happened to be flat again... So that's kinda a bummer cause it makes doing things on P-days and going places for appointments and dendo very hard. But the Spirit was strong today so that was nice. Plus we all have trials no matter what we're doing so this is just one of ours that we'll go through with good attitudes! ;)

But ya it was a pretty normal week, but we had some fun times. I hope all is well and continues to go well! Love you all!

Elder Bickel

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