Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 10, 2014

Well hey everybody! Love you all tons! I hope your week went well, cause mine went great!

Well this week was transfer week! We had a super busy time with getting everything prepped cause the schedule for Honbu Elders is crazy!

Monday we have P-day and then after it's over, we enter in as much information about transfers as we can since the rest of the week is crazy! Basically we enter in all of the transfers that are happening and make the map of the mission. 

Tuesday is where everyone else get's their transfer calls, and then I try to get everything for the new missionaries since they come that night!

Wednesday we have Bean Training for the new missionaries and then print out the last stuff for the Shepherds (the mission newsletter). 

Thursday is when we go to the Transfer spot and get all of the Mission supplies handed out and then go back with all of the returning missionaries and do the English test for the Japanese missionaries. 

Friday we take all of them home and then update the systems, and get ready to do everything again for this transfer!

Saturday I actually had Mission Leader Council where all of the Zone Leaders and new District Leaders meet to talk about how to improve the mission so I got to go! It was way cool and it was a super spiritual experience so that was great! We also had Stake Conference. I ended up translating for the couple missionaries.  I've done that a few times at church and it's super hard, but it's fun... Kinda... ;)

Sunday we had Stake Conference again and I got to see a ton of people from Hakodate cause they're in the same stake! So that was fun! And also the Kotoni ward and Teine wards are becoming one! So my ward is now really big and there will be 11 missionaries for this transfer...

Kinda crazy, probably not my best email, but I Love you all and hope you're doing well!

Love you!

Elder Bickel

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