Monday, November 3, 2014

October 12, 2014

Hey everybody! I hope your week went well! So this week I don't have enough time to make a recording, but here's how the week went!

Monday: Today we basically just talked to each other in the apartment cause it was raining and I actually got to take a nap! We also had Seminary this morning and email now takes 3 hours! Fun! ;) not really, but still! [Stephen has a third companion now who just transferred in last week]

Tuesday: So today we had a good DTM on becoming more like Christ. Then we went to see if my bike could get fixed cause my bike's gear change kinda broke... So did my camera cause K 長老 accidentally dropped it... So I may need more money... But then we visited a few investigators and then tonight we went to play basketball with a few investigators which was fun. Then the surprise happened! I got Transferred!!!!!!! So I got a call right as we got home from Kaicho saying that I am now becoming the Recorder at Honbu! So I then called a bunch of different members and investigators to tell them I was leaving on Thursday morning.

Wednesday: So today I met with about 10 Members and Investigators and NA's so that I could say goodbye. But I had a really good time with everybody so that was nice at least. Then I had the Hakodate ward's Halloween party planning meeting that night and we saw a Lunar eclipse! It was cool!

Thursday: So today I woke up and got on the 8:13 train to Sapporo by myself without a phone. It was kinda lonely and sad, but I just slept a lot. Then I spent the day learning what I'm supposed to do as the recorder.

Friday: So today we woke up at 5 to take someone to the airport, and then I spent the day learning all the stuff that I need to be doing. I kinda had an on the job training but am working with it! I'm super busy with it all, but it's actually kinda fun being able to help all of the missionaries...

Saturday: Today we had General Conference and I loved it! Jorg ____ (I can't spell his last name)'s talk was way good! but that was basically the whole day for us... But I loved hearing all of the talks!

Sunday: Today too, we had General Conference and it again was so good! Then we actually got to dendo for a little while! As Recorder we don't get to really dendo a ton, just cause of time and everything, but we had fun with that, before doing DKK and figuring things out for a little while. See Y 長老 my new companion was made Commissarion last week for transfers so we're both pretty new to all of this... But we're having fun!

So that was basically the week, and I'm sure you're all pretty surprised about the Recorder change, but I think it's crazy, but fun that I'm literally doing what Dad did while he was here! Love you all lots! Talk to you soon!


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