Monday, November 3, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hey everybody, I hope your week went super well and I love you all so much! 

Monday: Today we got to go hike Hakodate Mountain again but this time we actually hiked it! It was earlier in the day this time so that was nice to see the other view. We also got to go to this Hotel's lunch buffet with a member, a recent convert, and a less active member and her husband which was way fun, plus it's a buffet so there's no problems there! ;) 

Tuesday: Today we met with F san who is a funny old guy, but we told him about the Book of Mormon and how we have to read, ponder, and pray about it, and at first he didn't want to pray, but I explained how prayer is important and he understood and said he would so that was great! We also had a Family Home Evening at a member's house where we got a few investigators there so that was way good! We had Thai curry which was deliciously spicy! ;)

Wednesday: Today was DTM cause the Zone Leaders wanted to come and be there for it. So they came and we had workshops on working with members as well as effective questions. Then we went to visit some investigators which didn't quite work out, but we had to also pick up K 長老's bike cause he broke some of the spokes on his tire so it was in bad shape.

Thursday: Today we had a good Weekly Planning Session, and we got to visit a few investigators as well as get a super Spirit filled lesson with one of our investigators who has a big problem with smoking.... Then we went to the Young Single Adult Family Home Evening, where K 長老 and I gave the Spiritual message and it went well. We talked about faith and how we all need to strengthen our faith. 

Friday: Today was way fun! We got to go housing with a member who wanted to go! So that was fun, and then we visited a bunch of investigators, one of whom is an artist. He makes these way cool things and his name is Yu Takebe and his website is if you have time to look it up. Then we got to go to dinner with an investigator who also comes to Eikaiwa and he actually paid for us and it was way good and nice of him! Then we had Eikaiwa, which was fun as usual! Then we practiced a little music for our Music fireside this next Saturday the 27th.

Saturday: Today we had a Birthday party for one of the sister's investigators which was fun! We had a bunch of curry, some cookies, a salad, and a good spiritual message by the sisters. We also had Ping Pong.  Then we went to this investigator's restaurant for dinner and it was Korean food and was way good! 

Sunday: Today was super super busy. We had church, where Non attending church members came and I went on splits with a member to teach him a lesson, and then an investigator came at the same time cause he didn't really want to come to church, but he talked with the members afterwards and had a really good time so he actually spent 3 hours after church talking with them. During those 3 hours we were practicing our various songs with other investigators for the Music Night on Saturday, and then we ran to go to dinner at an investigator's house with the other elders. But we were basically trying to fly from thing to thing as quick as possible to get everything done. But it was fun!

But that was basically the week. My pinky isn't healed yet, but they said it should be done by Saturday so that's good! But I hope your weeks go well, and I'll talk to you next week! Love you all lots!

Elder Bickel

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