Monday, November 3, 2014

October 26, 2014

Hey everybody! So this week was my 3rd week as the Recorder... It goes by so quick, but the days are kinda long...  So if you have any questions about the things I do, just ask... But I basically finished the mission newsletter called "The Shepard" which has articles from the AP's and one of the adult missionaries, and stuff about the incoming missionaries and returning ones too. So I'll probably send you that soon! ;)

As for dendo this week, the main miracle was with the same people from last week! So we were able to teach them two more times this week, and they were really good lessons. So as I said last week, one of them wanted us to make his friend believe in God, and he basically believes what we say, but has a lot of questions and says that he doesn't really have intentions of joining...yet.. But when we came we asked if he had read the Book of Mormon at all since the last time we came and it turns out that in 3 days, he's read up until 2 Nephi 9!!!!! Crazy right? But he said he basically understands it and he's doing really well!

So the other big miracle was his friend. So he's more of a quiet person, but he has a lot of questions about our church, and us compared to other churches... So when we explained the Plan of Salvation yesterday, he realized that we were not a normal church. So he's like "in order for me to really understand what you're teaching and about your church, it would be good for me to come to church right?" So we were like, YA! ;) He also is asking a bunch of questions that really show he's considering Baptism pretty seriously which is so good!

The two of them are definitely what's saving me right now. I miss going out and dendoing like normal, but I know that I'm doing a ton of needed stuff right now, so it's ok. It's interesting being here in Honbu and seeing how everything in the mission works! I've been learning a ton, and helping people a ton!

But I hope everyone's doing well, and I'll talk to you all soon! Love you!

Elder Bickel

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