Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 21, 2015

Hey everybody! I hope your week went well! Mine was fantastic!
Although I do kinda feel like more than half of it was spent in a
chair... Kinda like Honbu... ;) hahaha cause basically, as a Trainer,
our study schedule is lengthened. Plus this week, we spent an hour a
day putting the Area Book into our iPads. So it was kinda cool, but it
was long! ;)

But here's how the week went!

Monday: We went with a member to a place called Sapporo Satorando
where we played Park Golf. Park Golf, for those of you who don't know,
is like right in-between Real Golf, and Mini Golf. It's pretty fun,
and it was nice to get to play something new! We had a good time with
that though, and then we just did the regular P-day stuff.

Tuesday: We had our first District Meeting of the Transfer, and it went super well!
The theme for this month's DTM's is Modern day Ammon, so i talked
about how he found his "Investigator's" needs, and taught to them. So
that was good! Then for lunch we went to the Tabehodai again, but
my companion still didn't have his bike, so I ran from the church to the
restaurant while everyone else rode bikes, so I figured I worked off
the stuff I was eating anyway... ;) haha Then we had Eikaiwa which was
fun, and taught everyone about Directions.

Wednesday: Today we actually had Splits with the Zone Leaders. I went
with Elder N, and my companion went with Elder S. But I
went to Kitahiroshima, which is about a 40 min. bike ride from
Atsubetsu, but the ride is absolutely amazing. The scenery was
amazing, and it was just a fun ride. We visited a few investigators,
rode up a massive hill too many times, and then went back which again
was a great ride! ;) Then we visited a member who I actually knew in
Shibetsu, but they had sadly forgotten me, so that was a little bit of
a bummer, but I can't really expect much more, since I was only there
for 6 weeks...

Thursday my companion was kinda sick, so we let him sleep to get over
it quick, but I was able to write in my journal for a while, and do
some more study! Then we went and visited a member who hasn't been
coming to church to deliver the Teachings of the Prophets Ezra Taft
Benson book that we use in Priesthood meetings, and he was very happy!

Friday we got to do our Weekly Planning, and then visit our
investigator N-san. He's doing really well, and is coming along
well. He is still super interested in good and evil, so we're trying
to show him that God's commandments show us what's good which will
help us be blessed, and not following God's commandments is evil. So
we'll see if it works.

Saturday we went out to Tobetsu and actually met with G! We talked
with her for a while and she said she wants to do a Bible study, as
well as she'd appreciate it if we came and helped weed their garden,
so we'll be getting some good service in. Also her husband came out
and talked with us, and while he doesn't really like religion in
general, he seems to really like us so that was good! We're probably
going to pass them to the Sisters, but keep in contact.

Sunday was great! We had a way good time at church, and then went to
the Elder's Quorum Activity Planning Meeting which was fun. The
Elder's Quorum President asked us to come, so we helped out with that,
and then actually went with him to visit some non attending members in the ward which
was great!

But this week's been a blast! My companion is way funny and we're
getting to be good friends! But I love you all, and I'll talk to you

Elder Bickel

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