Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 7, 2015

Hey everybody! How's your week been? Mine's been a little crazy, but
it's been great!

So first off, Monday: We went to a place called Round 1 where you just
play a bunch of sports, with a member named M Kyodai who served a
mission in the Nagoya Mission about 5 years ago, and is way cool! He's
really into movies and stories and stuff, and one of his favorites is
Singin' in the Rain, so it was fun to talk to him about that type
of stuff, as well as his mission, cause he was in Honbu for 5
transfers! Then we went to the Mini Volleyball and talked to a bunch
of people and did pretty well in the tournament they had this week! It
was a party!

Next was Tuesday: On Tuesday we had DTM where I taught about
becoming good Leaders, and then for lunch we went to sushi at
Matsuriya which was way good! We also had Eikaiwa where we talked with
everybody about the Weather and just had a good time. The Shinoro
Eikaiwa doesn't have a ton of people, but it has really fun people so
it's great!

Wednesday was fun! We went to Tobetsu to deliver a picture of Christ
to G and her family, but no one was home, so we just left it on
their doorstep. Then we went to A san's but he wasn't home, so we
ran home, had lunch, and dendoed in the rain! It rained super hard,
but it wasn't too bad cause we just used umbrellas as we walked and
talked to people. So it was fun! We also got to visit a member who
hasn't been coming to church, but was baptized when he was 19 in
Asahikawa! Then he came to Moiwa, and then to Kushiro, and now lives
in Shinoro but he knew some people I know so it was fun!

Thursday: We had companion planning and got a bunch of stuff planned for this coming
week and for ML Kaigi, and then we went to the church to meet with
O san to watch Legacy with him. It's about the Pioneers and it
was really fun! He said he was glad he didn't have to go through that,
and that the persecution has gone down a lot! So I think he's starting
to count himself as one of us, so he'll realize he needs to be
baptized quick!

Friday: On our way to visit an inactive member, we met K Kyodai
who is a super nice, strong member of the ward. As we started to talk
to him, he said that the member we were visiting wasn't home, but then
offered to take us to dinner on Saturday. We said that'd be fine, and
then he asked about the Sisters. So we called them, and they said they
couldn't do it on Saturday, so he said he'd just take us tonight then.
So we met up with him and the Sisters at 6 at a Tabehodai where we
stuffed ourselves! It was super good and there was a delicious grape
ice cream! There was also a bunch of really good Yakiniku and cream
puffs, so I was very satisfied by the end of that meal! ;)

Saturday: We went to Honbu so we could be there for Mission Leader Meeting! We had a
great time there and learned a ton and worked hard to help the
mission. I also got to see some old friends from Honbu, as well as
some missionaries that are going home next week, so it was really nice. I
also got to talk to G 長老 who is doing well, and excited to meet
my family. Then we headed home, and started prepping for Zone Training
meeting for Tuesday.

Sunday: We had a really good time at church, and then got to talk to a
bunch of super funny members about transfers. They really love us and
didn't want either of us to transfer, but still enjoy joking with us
about what's going to happen. Then tonight we got our transfer
calls(my last real one...) and found out that my companion will be
going to Kitahiroshima with N 長老 to be ZL, and I will be
staying in Shinoro to be a District Leader and... TRAINER! Ya! I'm way
excited, but a little nervous, cause I don't want to ruin the poor
Elder's mission experience... ;) hahaha But it'll be fun. Especially
for my last transfer.

So that's the week for you! Hope your's went well, and I hope your
coming week goes great as well! I love you all tons, and I'll talk to
you soon!

Elder BIckel

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