Wednesday, June 24, 2015

May 31, 2015

Well hey everyone! How're you doing? I'm doing well, just roasting
like a pig all dressed up nice. It's super hot right now! It's like 82
degrees outside, and we're outside a lot... Don't worry though, I'm
drinking a lot of water! ;) But here's how the week went!

Monday: We went with our investigator to this Vegan restaurant(she's
vegan) but it was actually way good. I started to think about becoming
vegan, but then realized that I'm a missionary in Japan, and there's
no way it'd be possible, plus when I'm back, I'll be enjoying steak
and hamburgers and hotdogs and I realized I just couldn't do it. But
then we went with the investigator to the Nakatsuka's Family Home
Evening which was way fun! I got to see everybody and our investigator
had a really good time so it was great!

Tuesday: We went to the Toyohira District Meeting to help out H 長老 if he
needed any since he is a new DL this transfer, but he did great, so we
just got to sit, listen, and participate! It was great! Then we came
back, and had Eikaiwa tonight! Eikaiwa was fun and we taught everyone
about health. It was kinda a hard one, but it worked out ok!

Wednesday: Today we had our District Meeting where I taught a workshop on being
obedient. (Man I love Obedience, it's like my favorite topic...) And
it went really well, and then we went to Atsubetsu to split with the
Atsubetsu Elders so I could do a Baptismal Interview for one of their investigators. The investigator passed and was super happy. She's deaf, so I had an interpreter, but she's super nice and it was a great experience. I also got to see some members from Eniwa-Chitose as well as one from Ebetsu and talk to them, so it was really natsukashii (nostalgic)! Then
we headed home!

Thursday: Thursday we had companion planning and got a bunch of stuff planned out for
the next week since it's the week before transfers, and we're pretty sure one of us is transferring since we've been together for 2, but we're going to be super busy! It'll be nice to be busy, cause a busy missionary, is a happy missionary. Then we met with O san and taught him about the Signs of the Second Coming which he thought was really interesting.

Friday: Today was good! We met with N-san and had a good
lesson about Good and Evil and Baptism. He really felt the Spirit so
we're excited to see him progress! Other than that, not much happened

Saturday: We met with an investigator named G. She is Phillipina
and is really nice. She has a nice family and we got to talk to them
for a while. They also were kind enough to do a bbq for us which was
way good! Also the Dad is a really good guitar player so he played some
songs for us. So that was pretty sweet. Then we visited the F
Family, and got to talk with them for a while. They are super nice,
and are super strong in the Gospel! They're great!

Sunday: Well as you know, today was the 5th Sunday, so we had a
combined lesson which the Bishop taught about applying the Love of
Christ more in our lives! Then my companion taught a lesson about the
Gift of the Holy Ghost for Sunday school, and then Sacrament Meeting
was great. After church we went home, visited a bunch of Non-Attending
Members, as well as the Ward Mission Leader, and the K family who
gave us a list of people we should go visit who haven't been coming to
Church lately. Then we headed back and crashed on our futon's and
died. Well not really died, but after planning and Hokoku and stuff,
we slept like babies! ;)

But that was the week! I hope yours went super well! Talk to you soon!

Elder Bickel

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