Wednesday, June 24, 2015

May 10, 2015

Hey everybody! I hope your week went well! Mine was way fun! We had a lot going on, but not a lot going on... ;) If that makes sense. ;)

Monday we had a fun Zone Activity for the first week of the Transfer, and we went to a place in Sapporo with a Trick art Convention. So basically there were a bunch of 3D pictures and you hop in them to look like you're interacting with them! It was super fun!

Tuesday we had Zone Training Meeting which went well! We gave two workshops that were on beginning with the end in mind, and Agency!
Sadly there wasn't enough time to say and do everything that we wanted to. Then we came back and had Eikaiwa! That was fun cause we went over Helping People so it was a party!

Wednesday we went and visited a few people but at night we were able to go to a Member's house who's going on a couples mission and do a Role-Play which was good! Then they fed us a massive dinner, and we were super stuffed! But they were really funny and really nice so it was great!

Thursday we did our weekly planning, and then visited O San. We watched the Testaments together which is the movie about the Book of Mormon, and it went really well. He really liked it, and was interested about reading about it in the Book of Mormon, so we're hoping that'll help him progress more!

Friday, I got to go on Splits with Elder K! It's been like 5 transfers since we've been companions, but it was fun to get back with him and to work for a day. He's a new DL in our Zone this transfer, so we got to go with him! We met with a bunch of his investigators who are deaf, so I got to learn a little Shuwa which is Japanese Sign Language! It was super hard, but way cool so that was a fun experience.

Saturday we went to a place called Ainosato and Elder S got attacked by a crow! We were waiting for a crosswalk and all of a sudden this crow swoops down next to his head and he feels one of the feathers brush his head so we both look up, and there is this big crow in the tree next to us. So as we're watching it starts cawing and like is breaking off these twigs and smashing its beak into the branch.
Then it notices we're watching so it goes to the bathroom saying, "Ya, I'll take care of you just like I took care of this!" So now we're a little wary, and then the light changes, so we start to quickly cross the street, and it swoops down again and basically reaches down to claw Elder S's head. Luckily he ducked, but it was way crazy! So then we ran and it followed us for a bit, but then it went away.

Sunday we had Stake Conference up in Asahikawa which was way fun! I got to see all of the Shibetsu members, the Asahikawa members, and the members from Suehiro who I know! So it was way fun! I got to talk to a lot of people! I was just sad that the investigator who I taught who got baptized couldn't come. But we had a good time up there, got a ton of food from members, and then we headed home.

But this week was great! The weather's been pretty nice so we're in short sleeves again! Whoo! ;) Love you all lots, and talk to you soon!

Elder Bickel

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