Wednesday, June 24, 2015

May 24, 2015

Well hey everybody! I hope your week went well! Mine was really fun, but super windy and kinda rainy! :)

On Monday we went to Sapporo so Elder S could get a new watch.  Sadly it was a little damaged(the second hand was off the marks), so we're probably going to take it back. Then we went to Tobetsu to do the Mini Volleyball again with the member, so it was way fun! It's
basically volleyball on a super small court but the ball is like a blow up beach ball... So it's definitely not the same... ;) But we had fun with it!

Tuesday was fun! Since K 長老 is a new DL in our Zone we decided to sit-in on his DTM and it was really good!  Then we went home, and visited a few investigators and then had Eikaiwa which was fun, and we taught people about body parts. Then we played a game called fruits basket, as well as we did a game that tests their English Listening skills, and reflexes! It was pretty funny! ;)

Wednesday! We made a Baptismal Date! Yah! So we went out to Tobetsu to visit our investigator and when we got there, he was just making lunch so he says to come back later. So we start going around and housing some places, and then we met this way cool Philippine woman who talked to us for a while named G. And then we went back to the
investigator's house, taught him about Baptism and then made a Baptismal date with him. He is going to be baptized on June 21st!  We're super excited! Then we went and visited our Bishop and talked to him about various Non-Attending Members and he told us a bunch of
names to go visit, so it was great!

Thursday we had our District Training Meeting, and even though it was the 3rd week of the transfer, it was our first DTM so far, so it was kinda weird, but I taught the workshop on Understanding and Knowing the Doctrine of the Missionary Lessons cause we have a lot of young missionaries in our District. So that was great, and then we came back, had DKK and then went to a FHE at our Ward Mission Leader's house with an Investigator(O san) and a recent convert. We had a way good time with them, and taught a message about Heavenly Father. The Spirit was way strong, and we hope it'll help both of them strengthen their testimonies and become stronger in the Gospel.

Friday we visited a ton of non attending members that we were referred to us by the Bishop.  Then we visited N san who's been doing well this week, and we tried to make a Baptismal date with him too, but he kinda ran from that... But he still wants to meet, so
we're going to keep on working for that. Then we visited the K family who are also doing well, and they gave us a few referrals as well.

Saturday we again visited a bunch of non attending members and then went to a Baptism of an 8-year old in the ward. He had a really good baptismal meeting and it was just a great spirit. Then we helped a member translate a church video into Japanese, and then went to the Shinkotoni Music night. We got to talk to a bunch of members, investigators so it was
way good!

Sunday we had Church, and then a Shokujikai afterwards. It was super good! There was a ton of just delicious food that we had, and then we had a Temple Fireside from the Temple Missionaries who told us all about the Sapporo temple. Then we went home, had Companionship Study, and then we visited a member who is a super cool guy! He is a returned missionary from Nagoya, but was a convert and went on a mission after only a year and a half! But he's way cool and we had a great time talking to him about Dendo and stuff.

But that was the week, and it was great! This week's looking pretty busy, so I'll let you know how it went! Love you all tons! Talk to you soon!

Elder Bickel

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