Wednesday, June 24, 2015

May 17, 2015

Hey everybody! I hope your week went well! Mine was good! Things were
a little cold and rainy here, but we made it through alive! We're just
praying for some nice warm weather for a little while now. ;)

Monday was great cause I got to talk to the family! Everyone looks like they're doing well, and D is actually getting buff... I'm pretty jealous, but, I'll get home, get super buff, and D will just lose it all on his mission, so when he gets back, I'll still be bigger than he is. ;) haha. That night we went to Tobetsu and visited our investigator A san who we haven't met for a super long time, and he said he still wanted to hear the lessons, and he wanted to meet with us, so we're way excited about that.

Tuesday we went into Sapporo to meet with a referral from a member
named T san. She is super nice, and super interested in the gospel. But she actually lives in Tobetsu, and since it's so far away, we're trying to find time to make it out there to meet with her and teach the lessons. But we think we can quickly make a strong baptismal date with her, so we're excited! Then we went and started Splits with the Toyohira elders. So I went with Elder W back to Shinoro so we could go to Eikaiwa, which was so fun and quite a few people came, so it was great!

Wednesday we had splits still, and I got to know Elder W a little better so it was great! He is a super nice guy who is from Utah and actually went to the same school as my MTC companion so that's kinda cool! He plays the clarinet, and likes video games, so it was fun to get to work with him a little more. Then we went and ended splits in Toyohira, and headed back for the night.

Thursday we had our DKK and got a lot of plans made for the coming week. Then we went to the church to meet O san and we made tacos with him. We made the shells, the meat, bought salsa and lettuce and cheese, and just had a good time with him. Then we shared a spiritual message that we hope will help him make his priority the gospel and then get Baptized, but we'll see what happens.

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