Wednesday, March 18, 2015

December 15, 2015

Hey everybody! Thanks for all of your continued prayers. This week went way well and I was able to get a bunch of stuff done!

So I'm sure everybody's seen the new Christmas video by the church, but Kaicho got a call from Tokyo and they told him that they were making a special pass-along card for that video/Christmas and would be sending it to us within the week. So we got it on Friday, but the problem was, we needed to get it to all of the missionaries in the mission. The problem was there were 10000 cards. So we spent Friday trying to separate them to get some for each companionship, and then try to get them all sent out to everybody! So that was kinda crazy! But miraculously we got it all figured out and sent off cause Tokyo wants us to get them all out before Christmas!

Also this week we did a lot of music type stuff for members! On Thursday, we went to the O Family's house to do a little Christmas Concert, and Family night there which was way fun!  Then Friday night we went to the T family's house to do another Christmas Concert where we sang like 8 or nine planned songs, and then they asked us to sing a bunch of hymns on the spot which was way fun! But we also shared a little Christmas message there which was fun. Then Saturday, we went to the Primary party to sing, and do this little play thing where we told the Christmas story. Then we went from there, to an Old Folks Home to sing for some people there at the request of another member who works there. And then we also sang in church yesterday! 

Basically the past few days have reminded me a ton of my Senior year in High school with Ensemble going everywhere to sing. But it's been way fun. 

Also Transfers are this week, but instead of being on Thursday, it's on Wednesday, so it's pretty crazy! And I'll be staying here in Honbu as Recorder, and getting in a new District as their District Leader. :) So that'll be fun, but probably pretty hard, but God will help! But things have been way fun! 
I hope everyone's doing well! Love you tons!

Elder Bickel 

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