Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015

Hey everybody! I hope you're all doing great! My week went super quickly even though it was a week and two or three days! This week was a little crazy as you could guess with transfers, and with me actually transferring this time...

Monday: We got F 長老's hair cut, as well as had our Zone Activity which was a curry making contest! I didn't have time to make any fabulous curry so we just watched, and ate everyone's curry! It was fun though cause it was just a party!

Tuesday: So we first had DTM and then the new Recorder, B 長老, got here and we started his training...

Wednesday: Not much happened today other than Elder Birch's training, and a way fun Eikaiwa!

Thursday: So today all the Returning missionaries came into Honbu to prep to go, and so I got to talk to all of them cause I had already finished basically all of the Recorder training I could. So that was fun, and then I did a little packing...

Friday: Today was fun cause we got to say hi to K 長老's parents who came to pick him up, and then got to prep for all the beans who came tonight! But that was the main gist of things.

Saturday: So when 10 new missionaries come, there ends up being a lot of people in Honbu with all of the Trainers, the Honbu staff and everybody else who's coming in and out, so it was a little crowded, but we got all of the beans trained and were having a fun time. Then we were planning on going to Sports night tonight for my last time, but we ended up not having enough time so we just went to the Arriving Missionary Testimony Meeting that was way cool! Almost everyone bore their testimonies and the spirit was super strong! I also finished the Shepherd and everything because we then had all of the information!

Sunday was good but sad cause I had to say goodbye to all of the members at church. But I was really glad I could say goodbye to them one last time. But we got to talk with everybody, as well as the many many missionaries who came for transfers/bean training so it was fun. Then we actually got to go to a member's house for Dinner! We were blessed enough to be able to go to the Takahashi family's house for dinner and it was a good time. We had some great talks about Christ, and just had a fun time with them. 

Monday was a little crazy cause we woke up at 4 to get all ready and go out to Atsubetsu to prep for the iPad Training meeting with Elder Evans from the Seventy, and Elder Aoyagi from the Asia North Area Presidency, and Elder Randall from the Missionary Department for the Church. The meeting was way good and pretty exciting! It seems as if I'll be getting my iPad next Saturday with all of the Zone Leaders at ML Kaigi (Mission Leader Council) so I'm excited! Then I met up with Elder S and we got all ready to go out to Shinoro which is a small suburb of Sapporo right on the edge. It's basically a neighborhood area filled with families, and we're hoping to find some good families to teach!

Tuesday we spent some time trying to figure out how things were going to go for the Zone and District since Elder S stayed this District's District Leader this transfer as well so it was a lot of planning. We also had Eikaiwa where we had around 7 people show up and it was a way fun time!

But that was the basics of the week! I love you all so much and am so thankful for you! I hope you have a great week, and I'll talk to you all soon!

Elder Bickel

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