Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 1, 2015

Hey everybody! 
This week went way well! We've been having a ton of fun, and I'm all better from being sick! But here's how the week went!

Monday we went to Costco for shopping and for a fun P-day activity, and boy was it fun! It's weird to think that Costco would be a fun activity, but as we were heading out, the Nakatsuka's said they were going too and offered to bring us with them. So we got a ride all the way there (it took about 30-40 minutes by car) and then we got a ton of way good food that I haven't seen for over a year and a half! So that was super fun to shop there. But then on our way out, the Nakatsuka's offered to take our food back with them, so that we could eat at Costco (a 1/4 lb hot dog with sauerkraut and a big piece of pizza for under $5) and then mess around for P-day! So we didn't have to worry about anything really! Then we went to the Sapporo eki to mess around for a bit which ended up being way fun! Then we got back, and went to the Nakatsuka's for the big Family Home Evening! And boy was I glad I learned some hymns while taking piano cause they needed someone to play the opening and closing hymn, and no one else could do it. I really wished I'd practiced more, and had learned more, but being able to play a few really came in handy! THANKS MOM AND DAD! ;)

Tuesday was fun! Tuesday we had DTM which was fun! We got a workshop on Asking questions which was good! Then we went to sushi for lunch which is always good, and then had our usual work. I've been really trying to clean up a lot of stuff recently though, so Honbu is getting way clean! 

Wednesday- I don't quite remember what we did on Wednesday, but I do know we had Eikaiwa where we had more students than we've had in a long time! There were around 10-15 people there outside of missionaries and it went super well! Sadly I'm the only teacher recently cause the sisters are both Japanese, and the AP's are busy so it's just me, but it's been fun! It reminds me of when I was in Asahikawa and taught 2 Eikaiwa's a week by myself! Fun times!

Thursday I studied a lot about Christ. Not just Thursday, but recently I've been studying a lot about Christ and it's been way good! I really love Christ and am so thankful for all that he has done for me! He truly is amazing, and he lives, and loves each one of us so much! We can never 'repay' him but we can show him our love by following his teachings and keeping his commandments! let us all become more like Christ!

Friday was good! I got a bunch of missionaries' orders done which is good cause they'll be passed out either this week, or at the Transfer spot, but from here on out, I get more and more busy! Then we had a lesson with I San which was good! It's always fun to teach I San cause he really enjoys having us there. He's still not ready for Baptism, but he is progressing little by little and it's great to see the great effect that this gospel can have on people! 

Saturday was way fun! I basically made a word document that will help Elder F out a lot which is good cause he's super busy as the Commissarion. So it was fun! We also went to the Sports night, and had a fun time playing Basketball with everyone!

Sunday was great! I love Fast Sundays! At church I felt the Spirit really strongly, and Kaicho bore his testimony in church, and it was just great! We also got to strengthen our relationships with members so that was good! Then we went out and actually got to dendo for a while which was fun, and then we came home and made a super big dinner! We had T 長老 who worked at a KFC make us Fried Chicken, we also made a salad, fries from Costco, and big bowls of rice. Then for dessert we had this strawberry dessert and this chocolate cake that a member gave us! After eating it though I realized why over-eating is so bad for us, and why I haven't been eating like that recently! ;) So I don't think we'll be doing that again on Fast Sunday, or any day, but it was a good learning experience and it was pretty funny. 

But that was the week, thanks so much for all of your prayers and I love you so much! Talk to you soon!

Elder Bickel 

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