Wednesday, March 18, 2015

January 4, 2015

Hey everybody! Seems like I just sent a family email, and it's already P-day again! ;) Oh wait, it was just on Thursday! But a bunch of fun stuff happened since I last emailed, so I'll give you a little update.

So on Thursday we had a District Activity where we went to this Chocolate Factory called Shirokoibito koen, which reminded me so much of Willy Wonka(the old one). But it was actually a pretty cool place, and they gave us one of their specialty white chocolate cookie type things which was good! But I got a ton of pictures, so I'll try to send those to you. Then we went to the M Family's house for dinner with the Getz family(Elder and Sister Getz's son was there for the holidays) and we had this sushi type dinner! It was way fun and I ended up being the translator for the night, but it turned out alright! 

Friday we went to the Nakatsuka's house for lunch which Y 長老 made, which was famous Okinawa Soba! It was delicious! Then for dinner we went to the K family's house for dinner after cleaning for most of the day! K Kyoudai was way funny and we all had a lot of laughs!

Saturday we went to the O Family's house for lunch which was way fun, and they too made us laugh a lot! It was crazy cause we've been eating a ton of food, but then laughing too, so our stomachs hurt a little bit, but it was fun!  Then that evening we went to our investigator I san's (he's the one who has the baptisimal date) house where he and his friend were there and they had a bunch of questions that related to Lesson 1 so we retaught that, but when it got to the part about the Book of Mormon, our investigator(who's finished reading the Book of Mormon, and is reading the Japanese version of the Topical guide and Bible dictionary combined) then bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon to his friend so that was way cool!

Sunday was Fast Sunday as you know, and we had some way fun times at Church, and we did our weekly planning since we haven't had time any other day. And then for dinner we went to the M family's house for dinner and it was way fun! They fed us a ton of homemade gyoza and this way good soup and we all had some good times together!

But that's what's happened so far, and I love you all lots, and can't wait to talk to you soon! 
Love you!

Elder Bickel

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