Wednesday, March 18, 2015

January 18, 2015

Hey everybody! I hope your weeks went well! Mine went great, but it was super busy and crazy!

On Monday, Y 長老 and M 長老 went out to Kitami to close the apartment down, so S 長老 and I were on splits since I had to do my DTM workshop on Tuesday. So we went to the Zone Activity which was a place called Round 1 where we played a bunch of different sports like Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, passed the frisbee, passed the football, hit some golf balls, and basically any other sports we wanted to play we could! So that was a way fun activity, and then we headed home, grabbed dinner, and then I worked more on the Shepherd since S 長老 had a bunch of AP work to do...

Tuesday: Today we had District Training Meeting where I did a workshop on Faith is Power. I showed the video of Namaan getting healed of his leprosy and talked about how it takes more than just one time. So then I related that to committing investigators and how we have to have faith that they will do our commitments so we need to keep on doing it. So that went pretty well I think, and then we went to a restaurant called Victoria, which has hamburgers, but no bun or anything like that. It's just the patties. So we ate there as a District, and then we went back and just did regular work. Also Y 長老 and M 長老 came back tonight!

Wednesday: So today I had splits with T 長老 who came this transfer. So he's on his first and is in the middle of training. But we had all of our study(it was nice to finally have language study time again), and then we went to dendo. We got lost for a bit, but we then housed and found some really nice people and got some Potential Investigators. Then we went to this kid's Eikaiwa class at the Moiwa Church, and even though there was supposed to be a member there to help out, the member didn't show, so we just taught it how we guessed it was supposed to go, and then made it work by ourselves! It was a little crazy, but it was fun! Then we ran over to the Eikaiwa at Kotoni, where we prepped it, and taught everybody and had a way good time!

Thursday: Today we had a pretty regular day of work, but for dendo we went to meet this investigator named W san who came to church last Sunday. But we went to visit him, and he talked to us for a tiny bit, but then he said he just wanted us to come back some other time to teach him the lessons, so it was a little strange, but that was ok. (It turns out he's a missionary for a Buddhist church, so he doesn't want to meet us anymore, but said if he wants to come to church, he'll come by himself... Sad, but it happens...). Then we went and housed a bit and found some cool people who will hopefully soon become investigators.

Friday: Today I had splits with W 長老 who was actually in my District in the MTC. So he's my Zone Leader right now, but is also in my district, so I got to go on splits with him. We worked in Moiwa again (it's more effective cause here in Honbu, we can't really go out and dendo in the afternoons so if we make appointments in the day, we can't go) and we ended up walking a lot. We didn't get lost, but the bus times didn't quite match our schedules so we walked about 23km in one day! It was pretty fun though, and we visited some referrals, a Non-Attending member, and found some really cool people while housing.

Saturday: Today was one of the worst days for a blizzard to come... We were moving the Higashi apartment. So basically last transfer so many Sisters left, so we had to close a bunch of areas. But since the Elder's apartment wasn't as nice, we moved them into the sister's apartments, but to finish it all up we had to go clean out the Elder's apartment, and then close it all down. So we went and were taking all the furniture and other stuff out of an apartment in a full-on blizzard. It was crazy! But I know we partook of a lot of your prayers and blessings cause we were safe the entire time, including driving in it, so thank you all so much! But we finally finished it up at about 3:30, had lunch, and then went back to Honbu, Cleaned out the car from all the trash they had there, and then went to the Kotoni Sports night where we played Volleyball which was way fun! We had about 4 youth there, including one less active one who is about 19/20 and the Bishop came and played with us too! So that was way fun, and then we went home.

Sunday: Today was good! Sadly no one came to church, but I ended up translating Getz 長老's lesson for Gospel Principles. So that was super hard, but it worked out ok luckily. ;) But church went well, I sat in on the High Priest's lesson for the last 10 minutes cause a member wanted me to translate for Getz 長老 even though he doesn't really need it that bad or particularly want it... ;) But then we went home, We had some spaghetti for lunch, and then did our weekly planning where we got some good stuff figured out for the week. Then we went to visit some investigators who were not able to meet, and we started housing. We found a few cool people, as well as talked to some drunk people which was pretty funny, and then came home so I could do reporting and we could have dinner which was way good! Y 長老 made this super good Okinawan dish which apparently is pretty easy, but hard...

Also I apparently lost my marbles, and am going crazy... I was sitting there getting ready to write in my journal last night while Y 長老 was practicing piano, and I ended up having a conversation with myself for 15 minutes in different accents... Then I realized how much time had passed and was very concerned for my mental welfare ;) haha! 

Well I love you all lots! Talk to you soon! Have a great week!

Elder Bickel 

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