Wednesday, March 18, 2015

February 22, 2015

Hey everybody! 
I hope your week's are going well! Mine went great and we've been having a ton of fun recently!

We had a lesson with I san this week and there were some good points about it, and some not so good points about it. So I'll start with the good points. And then put the not so good point in, and then go back to the good points! ;) So he says he wants to get baptized at some point and really thinks it's needed. He also believes in God and the Spirit and knows what they feel like and understands them. He still doesn't quite believe in Christ and he wants to decide his own baptisimal date so that dropped, but he's still a strong investigator. Also he watched The Testaments with a member and enjoyed it and felt the Spirit. He's now reading the Book of Mormon for the second time, and is reading the bible as well! And basically from the lesson, we got a lot of direction on how to really help him, so it was good in the end. We prefer that he tells us the problems he's having than not saying anything so we can actually help him. 

We also have been getting a ton of stuff done here in Honbu. I've found that I basically know the Recorder job inside and out, so I'm making a few special projects to make it easier for future recorders and help the mission run better! So it's always fun to do stuff like that cause I feel like I'm helping things out more than usual. 

Recently in my study, I've been thinking about true happiness. You know, "what is it?" "How do I get it?" and stuff like that. And After thinking about it for a while and studying the scriptures, I've found that we really feel happy, really feel joy, after overcoming a trial in our lives. You've probably heard the whole, the deeper your sadness and pain, the greater your capacity for happiness and joy is. Well it's the same thing. So in order to truly feel happy we need trials to overcome. So in order to get trials, we need to pray to God for trials. So everyone says pray for trials. And I used to think "What? Why would I want to pray for trials? It just seems like the opposite thing of what I would want..." But now I realized, that if we pray for trials, we're praying for happiness. Not that trials are happy, but it gives us an opportunity to rely on God, overcome our trials, and increase our capacity for happiness which makes us even happier than we could imagine. So I thought that was interesting, and thought I should share. Just remember to enjoy the fun stuff that you've got while you have the trial. If you don't do that, you won't be happy. Not everything can be wrong at once. It's impossible because we have the true church in our lives. And that can never be wrong. 

Love you all lots! Have an amazing week, and I'll talk to you soon!
Elder Bickel

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