Wednesday, March 18, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hey everybody! 
I hope your week was great! My week was crazy cause it was Transfer week! So Y 長老 transferred up to Wakkanai and my new companion is F 長老 who was just companions with D 長老 my MTC companion. Also he was Y 長老's MTC companion, so I thought that was kinda funny!

But this week, S 長老 also transferred out to Nemuro which is also super far away, so I quickly became the one who's been in honbu longest, but things still haven't fallen apart so I can tell God's helping a ton! ;) 

By the way! I san came to Church this week! He came for all 3 hours and wants to come again! So that was super good! Also Nakatsuka 会長's son came yesterday so he could see the Snow Festival, so I'll get to hang out with him a bit hopefully! He came around Christmas time when he was being released as a missionary from the Florida mission (which one, I don't know, but his English is super good) and we got to be good friends so I'm excited for that! But things here are going well! We had a fun time at sports night on Saturday, and we had meals with two members this week! Once on Friday, and one Yesterday! So that was way fun! I love the Kotoni ward a ton! They are all super nice and fun so it helps relieve the Honbu stress! ;) haha

Recently I've been studying about Nephi and I'm realizing more and more how good of an example he is. He not only was beat by his brothers and tied to a mast of a ship, but even after all of these super hard experiences he spent almost all of his time praising God, and thanking him for his blessings. Because of that, he was able to see a ton of miracles and he came into favor with God! I realized more that I need to spend less time asking for things, and more time thanking Him for all I've received. 

We really are all so blessed here and have so many things that we may not understand completely, but they too are blessings. We're not perfect, and we have a lot of mistakes, but God's not asking us to be perfect and many times he leaves us with those weaknesses so we can learn even more from them. 

Never lose hope, Never give up. All bad things have an end, because the Light will never die.

Love you all tons! Have a great week, and I'll talk to you all soon!

Elder Bickel

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