Wednesday, March 18, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey everybody! I love you all lots! I hope this week went well for all of you!! My week went great! It was a little crazy, but it was fun! But here's how it went!

Monday was fun! We played Jinroh as a district which was fun! Everyone had a great time, and it let me relax a little bit. Sadly everyone thought I was too good at hiding everything so they killed me off quick every time, but I took that as a sign of respect, not hate so it's ok! ;) haha then we went out and dendo-ed cause we didn't have an investigator who could come to the FHE at the Nakatsuka's so we didn't really have a purpose in going. So we went out and found some great people including this one person we were able to make an appointment with! So I'm pretty excited for that!

Tuesday we had DTM where I gave a workshop on how the Spirit is the key. It went well, so I was very thankful to God for that help. It's been crazy to me to see how much God helps his leaders recently. It's like I don't have to do much, cause I do what I can, and God does the rest, especially when I'm trying to do my duty as a District Leader, helping the other missionaries in my district. Then we went and taught I san and taught him most of Lesson 5 which has now been included in the Before Baptism lessons. But we talked about temples and Family History which he said he understood and it was great!

Wednesday we worked a bunch, and though I wanted to print the Shepherd, I wasn't able to because we had various things come up, including I still didn't have all the information I needed. Then I went to Eikaiwa and taught a lesson on Time... I thought it was a little ironic because transfers are coming up, as well as I have less than 6 months which people enjoy reminding me of so much... A mission truly is so fast...

Thursday was great! We went to a member's house and made Chinsuko which is an Okinawan cookie which Y 長老 makes all the time, which is super good! So we went and made it all together which was fun. Then we came back and I printed most of the Shepherds cause while things changed, I was able to get it to the point where I could print. 

Friday was also way fun, but super crazy! Basically people recently have been doing a bunch of stuff for college to get applied and all set up to go after the mission. However, I still hadn't gone on once to see if there was anything I needed to do. So I got permission from President to get on and do that, and since it's basically been 2 years since I did any of that stuff, I didn't remember my username or password, so I input the info and they gave it to me. But I went on, and it said I had to restart my application from the beginning, so I was freaking out. So then I was printing the Shepherds as well, and the printer basically broke, so my day was just going down the drain, way quickly! But there was nothing I could do for either, so I let it be for a little bit. So we went to teach I san again, and we finished lesson 5 as well as he said he'd come to church next Sunday! So we were super excited about that!

Saturday morning I ran downstairs really quick to make sure I could call the BYU records department before it closed for the day... I called and it turns out I have 2 accounts. One that had nothing on it at all, and another that was complete. So they gave me the username and password for that, and then I got it all taken care of so I can go to College! Then we also took care of various Honbu things, and then we went to the Sports night at Kotoni where we played Volleyball, and had fun with everybody!

Sunday was way good, just like all Fast Sunday's are... It was a little sad, cause it's the week of transfers so I didn't know if I was coming back or not. Then after church we went home and did our Honbu DKK which is where we plan the coming transfer week, as well as get our transfer calls and hear the mission's transfers. So just for all of you, I'm staying Recorder for another transfer, but don't tell anyone! ;) haha Then we went to a member's house and had dinner which was way good! But it was a great time!

But that was the week! It was super crazy, but it was fun! I hope you're all doing great! And I'll talk to you soon! Love you all lots!

Elder Bickel

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